The Magnificent Seven!

Come join us from this weekend for a great show full of laughs and tears; as you are taken on a journey back to WW2 Normandy. The Magnificent Seven has the natural humour you would expect from a well written British Comedy with the heart of truth you would expect from Drama.

Meet Syd, Brain, Betty, Flo and the gang at Sunnyside Retirement home as they take you back though their lives, while also planning for their future. When tragedy hits home the group must defeat a new enemy and band together (just like in the good old days) to plan their greatest escape yet!

This show runs until March 24th, but don’t leave it too late to get tickets to this Comedy with a heart of gold.

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Join us for our last show of the year!

This fun, high energy adventure may contain traces of Citrus. Join the King, Joker, Witch and Prince in there search for the Love of Three Oranges. This is Fairy-tale adventure is not just for the kiddies. Showing from October 27th 2017


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You Have The Right To Remain Dead!

This Pat Cooke comedy opens on August 18th 2017, so what is it all about?

Fat Daddy is the rich but vindictive southern gentleman with an equally conniving and scheming family. So you know who’s going to die, right? But who will the murderer be? Will it be Sweet Mama, Daddy’s pandering wife; Hyacinth, the daughter who’s always cleaning the family firearms; Earl the worm, or his overly amorous wife, Savannah; or Clete, the sullen handyman who, for some reason, is in the will? Then Fat Daddy is discovered, dead as a hammer. The police arrive to figure out which of the actors is a murder. This frantic mystery-comedy will have you guessing until the last clue is dropped and the last ham overacts.

This little gem has a few twists and turns of its own as you discover that the cast might not be who they say they are, and you might not be as observant as you first thought…

Come sleuthing for clues and find our whodunit at MITS this August.



IMG_4372.JPGThere Goes The Bride opens May 26th and runs til June 17th 2017.

A fun lively show set in 1970’s London. Judy is getting married this afternoon and her Father Tim is busy with his last minute ad campaign. When Tim is torn between his work and his Father of the Bride duties, it all gets too much. Tim imagines his latest ad to life, now his family have to sort out all the crazy antics and get him to the church on time!

Rated pg

Ma Bakers Tonic

The Goils!!!

Hello All,

“Ma Bakers Tonic” opens this Friday!!!

This fun comedy centres around 1920’s prohibition, as Ma Baker and her girls (Petal and Blossom) fight against Miss Fitt and the Purity League to keep Ritzy’s the local speakeasy open.

Meet Publican Nora, her innocent daughter Lily, trusty Sargent O’Riley, gangsters Ace and the boys (and their goils Moitle and Poile), Worldly Nick and not so worldly Irma as they make their way through this delightful story.

Dinner- Creamy Tuscan Chicken and Cheese cake

Tickets are on sale now at Impulse Boutique.

Hope we see you there 🙂


IMG_2994.JPGA production of five plays written, directed and performed by local artists.

How Did We Get Here?- Dramedy. The story of Tina and her friends now in their 40’s.  Tina recounts the fun times in their youth and ponders how her friends grew up the way they did.

Day Off-Comedy.  Dad has offered to take the kids to sport to give Mum the day off. Between calls, visitors and the family;  mum wonders if a day off really exists.

Pretty Face 2- Drama. The sequel to Pretty Face. Amy ponders life without Sam, as she is haunted by their parting and feels their bond of friendship in her memories.

New Years, Steve!- Comedy. John has received some news from his ex and it may concern the girl he slept with on New Year. He has to track her down with the help of Steve and Sammy his flat mates.

Flying High- a fast paced comedy about Robert and Bob. Two pilots with a rather masculine view in the world and a healthy romance with Suzy their sexy stewardess 🙂

This production is recommendedfor a mature audience. Contains course language, sexual references, adult themes.

Tickets on sale NOW!